Is Home Teeth Whitening the Best Bleaching Choice for You?

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December 10 2009

Best Dazzle White Pro Review

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There are many people like me who have suffered from real yellow teeth. The stains that we acquire are the gifts that we get in return of all our bad habits like drinking coffee and too much of starchy food. Especially a habitual smoker like me would almost vow this product. And when I say my teeth were yellow I mean they were yellow. I’ve tried almost everything in this world to get rid off stained teeth at my home as I could not afford a dental sitting.

I’m obsessed with coffee. Literally have four to five cups every day. And I drink tea every night before bed.We all know that only one of these bad habits can have a toil on our teeth, imagine how dreadful it would have become with all these. Imagine what all three can do! Having yellow teeth definitely took its toll on my self esteem.

Our society is so image obsessed that looks count for everything. One of the first things that people notice is your smile. I’ve always know that I was being judged on my dazzle white pro. I know I did it to myself, but I still hated the feeling. Over the years, I’ve literally tried dozens of teeth whitening products to try to whiten my teeth.

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The majority of them were duds and simply did not work. Those that did work came with major and painful side effects such as teeth sensitivity.

A couple months ago I heard a lot of buzz surrounding a new product: Dazzle Smile Pro. Of course I was hesitant and didn’t expect much but, I decided to give it a try anyway. That was a couple months ago. Fast forward to today and my teeth have gotten to an unbelievable shade of white and have stayed that way. This product worked like no other product has for me. If this product can whiten the teeth of a compulsive smoker, caffeine addict and tea drinker, it can do it for anyone.