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March 29 2010

Beneficial Gain From Dental Implants

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Periodontal diseases result to tooth loss since these type of gum disease directly affects the specialized tissues that both surround and support the teeth.

Dental implants are recommended if you wish to replace the affected teeth and lost teeth. These are arificial teeth root, which periodontists place into your jaw to hold the implant or bridge. For those people who have lost their teeth due to injuries, dental implants are also good alternatives for tooth loss resulting from periodontal diseases.

Dental implants are indeed better solutions to dental problems such as missing teeth. Dental implants would make you look and feel like it is your own teeth since they are aesthetically pleasing to look at and likewise, they integrate with the structure of your own bone. They also prevent bone loss and gum recession that call for bridgework and dentures. Unless you claim so, it would not appear as a replacement tooth.

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In addition, a good number of your teeth are left untouched as the neighboring teeth are not altered to support the implant. This way would lead to a significant long-term benefit to your oral health, where the quality of your adjacent teeth are not sacrificed. Dental implants restore confidence in you when you speak and eat. You will not worry anymore on misplaced dentures, messy paste, and glues. It is more secure, comfortable, and reliable compared to dentures.

This procedure is usually made by a team effort: you, your dentist, and your periodontist. To determine where and how your implant would be placed, it would depend on the consultation among the three of you. Treatment would always be dependable on your specific condition and chosen implant type to better suit your needs. There are actually different types of dental implants for you to choose from and the team of Ft. Inquiries for relevant information and services can be provided by Ft. Lauderdale dentists. You can either visit them personally or their site