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June 05 2010

Bad Trip Leads to Loss of Teeth

A woman who experienced a strange high set herself almost toothless the next day. The reason: she removed 18 of her own teeth with a pair of pliers.  

Cosmetic dentist Cleveland said it certainly was a bad trip for Samantha Court, 25, who was found in a pool of gore in her home in Greater Manchester, England.  Her teeth were nearby. 

At first, police thought she was harmed by her 30-year-old associate Jason Morris. The father of two was accused of using a pair of pliers to inflict bodily harm on Court. But he was later cleared by Court who said it was her own fault. 

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Cosmetic dentistry Cleveland learned that the couple had been using the liquid drug GHB at the time of the incident. Court said she was hallucinating and imagined that a green and pink fly was choking her.  

“I turned to face my bedroom wall and a luminous green and pink fly flew out and down my throat. That’s when it started choking me,” she narrated. 

To stop the notional fly, she started removing her own teeth. Court said it was painful and backbreaking at first but she felt no pain afterwards. Prior to that, the couple said they also saw witches, clowns and floating furniture. 

GHB is short for gamma-hydroxybutyric acid, a substance that occurs naturally in humankind and animals and is found in beef, wine and citrus fruits. In medicine, it has been used as an anesthetic and to treat insomnia and depression. 

But GHB is illegal in many countries since it is considered a date rape drug. It is used by club-goers to enhance their experience on the dance floor and is sometimes referred to as “liquid ecstasy” or “Liquid X” despite the fact that it isn’t related to Ecstasy at all. 

Because it is colorless and odourless, GHB is easy to add on drinks and is used in cases of drug-related sexual assault. However, it is difficult to establish the number of GHB victims since the drug is difficult to detect. 

“Victims may not be witting that they ingested a drug at all. GHB and its analogues are invisible when dissolved in water and are odorless. They are reasonably salty in taste, but are indiscernible when dissolved in beverages such as soft drinks, liquor, or beer,” said the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.  

High doses of GHB can cause unconsciousness, vomiting, convulsions and death. Luckily, the couple survived the experience and has sworn never to take the drug again.