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November 24 2009

bad breath

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At some point in our lives we all have to handle the problem of having bad breath. The situation was so easy to handle; the embarrassment and the discomfort i felt was also for good.

prevent bad breath

¬†Even though it doesn’t always completely solve the issue at hand, the practice of good dental hygiene is often the easiest and most obvious solution.

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how to eliminate bad breath

Starting in the morning, brush and floss your teeth to prevent foul smelling breath. Do this twice a day.(after you wake up) Repeat this again at night time. (before you go to sleep). Proper cleaning of the mouth involves using a toothbrush for at least two to three minutes.

since the bacteria that lurks there is often a reason for bad breath.

how do i cure bad breath

Many tooth brushes now come with tongue scrubbers these days, many retail stores carry a tongue cleaner you can use alongside your brush and floss to complete the cleansing routine 

Get Your Daily Servings of Vegetables In addition, fruit.

Mom had another good reason when she told you to eat your vegetables, but you probably never realized it. Besides keeping you healthy, vegetables such as carrots and celery will help keep your tongue clean. Eating an apple is a good way to cleanse your tongue.

Believe it or not but tea is a great way drink to slow down the growth of the bad breath bacteria in your mouth.
If you can, try to drink green tea at least twice a day.

Ensure Your Mouth is Wet

If you drink planty and keep the inside of your mouth moist you will help to prevent the breeding of bacteria. Germs usually build up in your mouth while you sleep and this will cause your breath to be worse in the mornings. never let your mouth go dry.

Be Careful About Your Food.

Stay away from items such as onions and garlic. Once you eat spicy practice the habit of brush your teeth and mouth wash and drink tea with your meal.

Parsley should be consumed.

Parsley which is a green embellishment can help eradicate halitosis. Chlorophyll gets rid of the bacteria and also gives a good smell.