Is Home Teeth Whitening the Best Bleaching Choice for You?

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December 09 2010

Bad Breath Remedies Without the Need of Overspending

Have you been upset of the shameful encounters that you’ve been through simply because of bad breath? Surely, you only want your confidence back and smile without thinking that somebody might again butt in and tell you that your breath smells bad. Well, you don’t need to worry much because there are now a lot of ways on exactly how to get rid of bad breath; thanks to the sciences. Different bad breath treatments are also available. These are generally treatment you can do at home and that will not require you to spend much.

So exactly what are the bad breath home remedies that you can do? Here are some of them:

1.) Drink lots and lots of water

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– Based on some experts, consuming lots of all through the day will allow you to lessen your bad breath problem. This is particularly important for people who suffer from too much dry mouths.

In order to wash out the foods in our mouth, saliva is necessary. It serves as a diluting agent for the bacteria and its waste product it produce. Therefore, we need our body to produce more saliva. But, if we are dehydrated, there is a tendency that the body will reduce the saliva it produces. And when there’s inadequate saliva produced, you’re at a great risk to have bad breath.

2.) Rinse the mouth

– Simply by rinsing your mouth every once in a while, you can be sure that no food particle is still left in your mouth and gum line. Bacterial waste products may also be diluted by rinsing; thus, reducing or removing the cause of bad breath.

3.) Stimulate saliva flow

– By stimulating the saliva flow within your body, you’re assured of minimizing unpleasant breath odor. So how may you stimulate saliva flow? The trick is to chew something whenever you feel that your mouth is becoming dry. This step is likely to make your body think that you’re eating and thus may produce more saliva for digestion.

You should chew parsley or some mint. Or you can choose to chew some gums or lozenges; just make sure that you get something that is sugar-free.

4.) Clean the mouth properly

– After eating, it is important to clean your mouth completely. And since anaerobic bacteria tend to thrive on protein-rich food, it is more important to clean your mouth properly after consuming meat, fish, poultry as well as other foods with high protein content.

How will you clean your mouth? Below are great tips:

– Brush and floss daily – actually, the majority of expert advice that it is best to brush your teeth 2-3 times a day and floss at least two times.

– Scrape your tongue using a tongue scraper to ensure that the bacteria sticking on and under it will be removed

– Ensure that you do not use any oral hygiene products that contain sodium lauryl sulphate or alcohol.

– Using of products which contain zinc compounds and/or chlorine dioxide can also be the best way to clean the mouth.

Now that you know the various bad breath treatments which you could follow and never have to spend up all your savings, you’ll no longer have to worry about having bad breaths. But, you know, it is still better to do preventing bad breath than curing it. And one way to avoid it is by avoiding a lot of food that has strong odors like onion and garlic. Not to mention, visiting your dentist at least two times a year is the best way to have fresh breath and stronger teeth.