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December 10 2009

Bad Breath Help: What You Need To Do To Take Control Of Your Bad Breath Problem

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If you are in dire need of bad breath help, look no further!  There are a number of ways that you can get the improvement you are looking for in terms of how your breath affects your life.  Improve your confidence and ability to communicate easily and effectively with others by using these easy tips!

1. First of all, try to make your own mouthwash at home, with a simple solution of warm water and baking soda.  It may sound crazy, but baking soda will eliminate much of the bacteria in your mouth that causes bad breath.  That is different from store-bought mouthwashes, which cover up your bad breath for awhile, but don’t always effectively treat the cause.  Gargle the solution for a minute, and you will have eliminated a lot of that troublesome bacteria!

2. Secondly, you can use parsley or spearmint for a temporary fix.  By chewing on one of these substances, you will immediately freshen your breath, even if you aren’t doing a whole lot to eliminate the bacteria that is causing the problem.  In conjunction with the other tips, this works well, though.

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3. The third tip is to eat smarter.  Avoid garlic, onions or other strong-smelling foods, and opt for celery, carrots, and other foods that will not only keep your breath from smelling nasty, but also help to fight plaque and other issues that may go hand in hand with bad breath!

4. Yet another tip is simply to drink more water!  A dry mouth will end up producing more bacteria and giving you worse breath (which is why morning breath is so unpleasant), and drinking water will help to rinse your mouth out, especially after eating or snacking.  Plus, it is better to drink water than other fluids such as soda, which won’t help you out in any way.

5. Finally, don’t neglect your oral hygiene routine!  It can’t be emphasized enough that you should brush not only in the morning and at night, but also after meals and snacks when possible.  Doing so will keep your mouth nice and clean…and don’t forget to brush your tongue!

Hopefully the bad breath help that you have been looking for is present in these tips.  While these ideas are simple ones, they are also part of a very effective overall plan to fight problems such as stinky breath, so make sure that you give them a try.

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