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January 26 2010

Bad Breath Causes: Does it Remain After Good Oral Hygiene?

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It is horrible being near someone that has bad breath. For most people ( 85 to 90%) bad breath, or halitosis as it is also called, is produced from oral bacteria. This smell is very off-putting. In most instances, the person with the offensive smell has no idea that they have it. Bad Breath Causes: What are they? This article outlines the five common causes of this annoying problem.

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Here are the top five causes:

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#1 – Food – What you eat will directly affect on your breath. Some foods can be worse than others and they affect people in different ways. However the most offending foods include garlic, onions and some spicy foods. A diet that is high in protein.

There are many foods with high protein – meat, fish seafood, eggs and dairy foods are some examples. The bad breath is the waste products ( volatile sulfur compounds) that are produced by bacteria as they consume protein. Therefore the bacteria in our mouth feeds on the protein we eat.

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#2 – Dry Mouth – Also known as xerostomia is one of the main bad breath causes. It is caused by the altering of the pH balance in the mouth and produces an environment that is much more conducive to the growth of anaerobic bacteria. Because there is less saliva the flushing and cleansing benefits of saliva are reduced – bacteria is more concentrated in the saliva especially in the accumulation of bacteria and cellular debris in the oral cavity. We don’t make as much saliva when we sleep. You will often notice that your breath may smell much worse in the morning. Xerostomia is caused by factors including: ageing, insufficient fluid intake, using alcohol based mouth rinses, and numerous medications.

#3 – Smoking – The tar and nicotine gets stuck in your mouth if you are a smoker, especially on the tongue and teeth. Smoking also porduces dry mouth. The temperature in the mouth is increased from smoking which causes damage to the oral tissues in the mouth.

#4 – Teeth Diseases – Many teeth diseases including decay in the mouth can produce that bad smell, including periodontal disease (gum disease). This is a bacterial infraction that is located in the tissue that surround the teeth. Often the bacteria resides so deep in the tissue that a person cannot effectively cleanse them. These pockets are an idea place for the bacteria to live. You can make sure that you regularly floss and also brush your teeth, and if the problem continues then it is best to visit your dentist.

#5 – Sinus – This can also affect the quality of a persons breath because the postnasal drip that is created by sinus conditions and allergies can deposit onto the bad portion of a person’s tongue. This discharge can have a bad smell and taste. As well, bacteria feeds on this discharge, thus adding to the bad breath problem.

If you think you have halitosis, then go to your dentist, or doctor for further help. or purchase a guide on the subject. There are many great guides available to download online.

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