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January 20 2010

Bad Breath – Bummer!..

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 Bad breath is also known as halitosis. It is a condition wherein the person suffers from putrid breath or oral malodor.

 Dental professionals say that there are many causes of bad breath – it could be dental in nature and the more serious one is the systemic. They say that when your halitosis is dental in nature, it could be treated easier than that with systemic in nature. Products, like therabreath, might be helpful.

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You will normally hear your hygienist telling you about how important regular oral prophylaxis is to all of us. Well, it is but for some reasons we tend to forget to make regular appointments with them. We might not have hydrofloss  either. We don’t prioritize our oral health as much as we should.

Let me tell you some of the implications of not taking full responsibility of our dental health. I have read a lot of write ups about the oral cavity, of course I do not want to wait until all the people I talk to start moving away or covering their nostrils or worst – talk behind my back and discuss to people how awful my breath smells.

Would you believe bad breath can be caused by your favorite mouthwash? The one you picked in the market that after a rinse you almost feel like exploding – imagine how much alcohol content it has? Do you feel the burning sensation for seemingly endless hours?

For so long, I thought it helps but after reading an article, in a health corner in a magazine, I learned how alcohol harms your mouth’s soft tissues. And what even stunned me is it can actually cause dryness of mouth, dentists call it xerostomia.

Halitosis can also be systemic in nature. This type leaves the affected people out of control of the situation. Bad breath could be a manifestation of a serious medical problem. It could also be caused by the medications you take. Next: Learn what you can do about dental health problems, like gum disease from home.

Disclaimer: If you have or think you might have gum disease or any other health problem, please visit your doctor or periodontist for advice, diagnosis and treatment. This article is for information purposes only and does not intend to provide advice, diagnosis or treatment for any health condition.

Author: Scotty Wells…..