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January 22 2010

Bad Breath and You

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When you are the busy type of person, it is never reason enough to neglect your oral hygiene.  When hygiene is the issue, it doesn’t give you any excuse that people would understand.  In their thoughts, you would always be someone irresponsible and unhygienic – and they would carry that impression of you even after very long years.  Do you want to be talked about in your reunion as ‘the one who has terribly foul smelling breath’ or ‘the one who has lots of minerals kept inside the mouth’?  Things like this are very embarrassing.  You are giving others the reason to get rid of you. Consider therabreath products.

Being the career-oriented person that you are – you are much more expected to be hygienic because you are mingling with different kinds of people.  It is very unlikely that you would tolerate yourself to smell undesirable.  You have to have the right products to battle bad breath especially that you are always on the go, meeting and conversing with other people.  When flossing, it is important that you delegate time doing this task because it might harm your gums when done briskly and carelessly. Try Oramd.It is always important to use floss but with proper care. 

We have to face it that hygienic practices must be on top of your to do’s regardless of the time constraints.  Oral irrigators, like the hydrofloss can suffice in the absence of floss, according to many.  Mouthwash also helps for people who are always out interacting with others but it is always best to floss or use irrigator and then brush to remove food debris before using mouthwash – that way you are not just masking the odor with the flavor of your mouthwash. 

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When it comes to hygiene, there are no excuses.

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