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October 25 2010

Avoid junk food for healthy teeth and gums

A strong body comes from a good diet and plenty of exercise, but how does good nutrition fit into maintaining healthy teeth and gums?

Nutrition helps develop and maintain healthy teeth and gums in several ways, some of which are not immediately obvious. Teeth grow slowly, and either improve, or decay based on many things. But eating right and ensuring proper dental hygiene from your family dentist in Allen, TX will go a long way in keeping your teeth at the best throughout your life.

Some ways that a healthy diet helps maintain strong teeth and overall dental health include: 

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Helping teeth develop. Eating foods that are high in calcium, magnesium and phosphorus will help ensure that your body has what it needs to grow healthy teeth and gums. This couldn’t be more true for children and women expecting a child. Women need to eat right this time more than ever if they want their unborn child to grow and develop proper bones and teeth throughout their life. It all starts here. This is so that the teeth can develop properly, preventing long-term problems in adulthood.

Preventing tooth decay. Another truism is to avoid sugary sweets. Not only do these foods have little to no nutritional value, the bacteria they can grow compound tooth decay no matter how well you brush and floss. The bacteria that cause cavities love sugar, and sticky candy that clings to the teeth provides a perfect breeding ground for these bacteria and the plaque and tartar they eventually produce. Many Dallas dentists say that next to brushing and flossing, eating a good diet is third in line when it comes to developing healthy teeth and gums.

Maintaining a healthy immune system. The same bacterium that causes tooth decay can, if not removed through brushing, flossing and regular dental cleanings, also cause gum disease and even infections in the mouth and elsewhere in the body. Good nutrition will help the body develop a strong immune system so it can ward off infections and bacteria that will begin to attack the body anyway they can. 

Overall, a healthy diet is good for the entire body—including the teeth and gums. For more information on how a healthy diet can keep your teeth healthy, or to make that overdue dental appointment, please contact your Frisco, Texas dentist today.