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February 01 2010

Are You Keeping A Daily Oral Hygiene Routine?

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How do you know if you are maintaining adequate daily oral hygiene? Many people aren’t, and over 75% of the people in America have either gingivitis, or some other kind of peritonitis. Millions of dollars are spent yearly on tooth repair, braces, dentures, and other forms of dental work. There is a constant demand for dentists, so the majority of people in this country must be doing something wrong.

For one thing, bad habits contribute to poor overall daily oral hygiene. One of the major contributors is the consumption of sugary drinks like soda, and even juices contain sugars and other contaminates that are harmful to dental health. Even so called diet drinks contain a certain amount of sugar, as well as other acidic properties that wear away tooth enamel. There are many other drinks that are highly acidic, like oranges, and grapefruit, and coffee is especially harmful. Many people can’t just stop drinking coffee, but they are not buying toothpaste that is appropriate to remove the acid and undo the staining that these kinds of drinks cause.There are other factors and habits that contribute to tooth decay, such as smoking. In order to maintain adequate daily oral hygiene as well as many other health concerns, you should really stop smoking. Not only does smoking stain and darken your teeth, the chemicals in cigarette smoke can cause a number of diseases of the mouth, including cancer, as well as give a smoker very bad breath.

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Maintaining daily oral hygiene properly is just as important to overall dental health. Many people don’t brush their teeth correctly, or enough, and the same goes for flossing and brushing the tongue as well. Not only does proper oral routines have to be done right, but it has to start at an early age. Children look to their parents as a role model, and even if you and the teachers at school teach kids about brushing and flossing, if the parents aren’t doing it, their kids will eventually pick up these bad habits as well.

One of the things about maintaining proper daily oral hygiene is brushing your teeth enough daily. We are all really busy throughout the day, both kids as well as adults. It used to be a rule that you should brush your teeth three times a day, and after snacks or meals. While this is great in the ‘perfect’ world, it just isn’t possible in reality. However, you should be brushing your teeth every morning, and every evening before bed.

It is also a good idea if you can, to rinse your mouth out with some kind of wash after meals, to get any left over food particles out. You need to floss at least once a day, ideally in the evening, when there is the most build up.  Two minutes and just the front is not enough to prevent tooth decay. Not only that, but you need to brush your teeth for a longer period of time than most people do. You need to spend at least five minutes, and brush all of your teeth, top, bottom, front and back, as well as your tongue. Get proper dental treatment every six months to round out your oral hygiene routine.