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January 18 2010

Are We All Conneced or Are We All Very Seperated From One Another?

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I overheard an interesting conversation the other day. The woman that was talking to another said that she believes we are all ‘connected’.

After thinking it over for a bit, a few questions came to mind.

If we are all connected then why do people feel lonely at times? One would presume that if we were all connected that it would be impossible to feel isolated or lonely.

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Another thought is that if we are all connected why do we have so much trouble understanding each other?

Why do people miscommunicate so often? This doesn’t require much explanation because frankly, everyone has experienced the effect of misunderstandings in even the most basic of human communication.

Why do people fear telling others about bad breath, when it is easily solved with a product like therabreath? It is an act of kindness to tell someone.

Why are their wars? If we were so wonderfully connected there shouldn’t be any warfare. Any issues that come up would be rapidly solved by the innated understanding that should come from being connected.

Why is there so much diversity in our various belief systems and backgrounds. Let us face it, many cultures are almost diametrically opposed. One cultures ‘normal’ idea is another’s radical thought. This is similar to freedom fighters and terrorism. What one man calls a terrorist, another man will call a freedom fighter. This is living proof that our perceptions and beliefs are radically different from each other.

Why can such a powerful tool for oral health, such as the Hydro Floss oral irrigator – be a big uknown for so many people?  

One some people call evil, others call good. How can this be? If something is bad or evil, it just is so. Why would someone else call it good?

With so many different ways of thinking, so many different believes, so many different value systems and all the variations of human thinking – how could we be all ‘connected’.

How come more people don’t find out about a good thing, such as Oramd, more quickly, if we are all, ‘connected’? 

I’m not sure there is a good answer to this. All I can say is that if *I* were in charge – all of these problems would go away! Ok- Just kidding. I’m not such an egoist.

I am not sure how to answer these questions, but feel free to comment if you believe you have the answers!

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