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November 02 2011

Are the cost of dental implants really worth the bucks?

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According to a man named Charles Gordy, “A smile is an inexpensive way to change your looks”. In this day and age where plenty of people go for nose lifts, face lifts, nips and tucks and other cosmetic enhancing procedures, we ignore how a simple smile can make a huge difference in how a person looks. A smile is actually the best accessory to wear for any person. But what would happen if your smile gets ruined by missing teeth and ravaged by disease.

But is there a solution?. Basically, what you really need are dental implants. They are called dental implants. The Cost of dental implants varies greatly from one dental clinic to another. However, these things serve a big role if one lost a tooth or two from an accident, disease or poor oral hygiene. In essence, a dental implant is like a “root” where a dentist can clip on a crown, bridge or dentures. What are the advantages of dental implants? Well this means that you can get your smile back and this can make one’s self-esteem go up; you can now eat properly; no need for pasty creams so that your dentures will remain in the mouth; your dentures won’t be a hindrance when you speak and this can avoid some embarrassing moments; and it can help prevent loss of bone since an implant is a good substitute for natural roots.

As mentioned earlier, Dental implants cost will greatly vary from one dental clinic to another. One reason for this is the material the implant is made of. The most commonly used raw material is titanium and these things are strong and can integrate well with human body. The higher the grade the more expensive it is. The highest grade is called Grade 5 and this kind of dental implant has the best durability, resistant to breaking and best in combining with the jaw bones. However, even though these devices are advantageous there are Dental implants problems that need to be addressed.

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The most common problem is the failure to integrate with the jaw bone. Another of those dental implants problems is inflammation of the jaw where the implant can come lose. The good news is that there is a 95% success rate in the installation of the implants and failures are usually caused by misplacement of the implant.

There are plenty of reasons why we lose our tooth. It can be from an accident or poor oral hygiene. The old way of using paste so that the dentures won’t fall off is inconvenient and messy. This is another reason why dental implants are far better.