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June 01 2010

Americans Are Traveling To Receive Dental Treatments

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The high cost of dental care has forced many patients to look for dental treatment elsewhere. This explains the growing popularity of dental tourism and cosmetic dentist Cleveland that is sweeping many parts of the world today.  

In a nutshell, dental tourism involves traveling to another part of the world for affordable dental care, treatment, and surgery. This is a common practice among many Americans, Canadians and Europeans who are looking for ways to save money on high-priced dental treatments that are normally expensive in their respective countries.  

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“While the exact statistics on dental tourism aren’t available, it is estimated that over one million people from around the globe travel to get dental treatment such as cosmetic dentistry, dental implants cleveland, crowns, and root canals over seas .  There are a number of countries such as India, Thailand, Costa Rica, Hungary, Panama, South Africa, and Mexico that are marketing low cost, high quality dental services to medical tourists,” revealed Placid Way, a health and wellness tourism company. 

The popularity of dental tourism in the States alone is due to the fact that over 108 million US Citizens and 25 million American kids lack dental insurance. These people will have to pay through the nose for even the simplest of procedures. Unfortunately, even those who are Insured will find that dental insurance will not pay for costly dental implants or dental cosmetic procedures that are often required .  

The same is true in Britain where an estimated 35,000 British Citizens travel abroad each year to find dental treatment they can afford. Frustrated by the shortage of dentists offering reasonable dental care, consumers see dental tourism and cosmetic dentistry  as the answer to their prayers. The thought of receiving a new smile without spending much and visiting an exotic country is impossible to resist. Good deals, a dentist who will work with your schedule, and exciting travel opportunities can make dental tourism a tempting offer indeed. 

“Many Britons are traveling for purely cosmetic reasons – the nation previously indifferent to its snaggle-tooth reputation has suddenly become obsessed with the perfect smile. Indeed, a recent survey by the British Dental Health Foundation (BDHF) found a staggering one in two adults approaching middle age would consider having cosmetic dental surgery,” reported Alison Smith-Squire in the Daily Mail (Next: How Dental Tourism Ruined Lisa’s Teeth).