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January 29 2011

Air-jet Systems Are All the Rage In Dental Teeth Cleaning And Polishing Equipment

Breakthroughs in home dental hygiene have greatly improved our capacity to keep our pearly whites feeling fresher than ever before between visits to the dentist. However, all the advanced sonic and electronic toothbrushes in the world can’t come close to matching the kind of necessary teeth cleaning and teeth polishing that a dentist can perform. Regardless of how diligently we clean and floss at home, there are still likely to be build up on our teeth that can only be eradicated with a dentist’s special cleaning instruments. And it turns out that a few of these tools have seen some high-tech and space age enhancements recently, resulting in treatment options that are quicker, cleaner and less intrusive than before.

The most impressive of these new systems are all manner of tools for air polishing your teeth. These tools, produced by many manufacturers were first recognized as an alternative to the conventional rotating rubber-cup and abrasive paste method previously used to polish your teeth after a cleaning. Now dentists find that these tools are great for both cleaning and polishing. These tools employ water and baking soda applied at high pressure. This surprisingly gentle system easily removes most kinds of plaque, and to the joy of many patients, even helps to remove a number of the more common types of outer-tooth discoloration such as those resulting from smoke and some types of food and drinks.

Quickly gaining popularity among dental practitioners and patients alike, having your teeth polished using an air jet system is considered to be more effective than the old traditional methods (also known as prophylaxis). One of the things that patients are learning they like about this new technique is that it doesn’t use the previously mentioned paste, there is no aftertaste, and they leave the dentist’s office with their mouths feeling more clean than ever before.

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Air jets are used for more than simply standard cleaning and stain removal. Dentists are starting to recommend this new procedure before bonding treatments (such as veneers and bridges) and before braces are affixed. Also, before any method of whitening is done, many dentists appreciate the clean slate that polishing provides.

While these new methods are great, it is important to remember that they only remove soft build up such as plaque, and only have an effect on discolorations that are on the outside of the tooth. To be able to remove harder deposits (known as “calculus”), and to clean under the gum line, your dentist will still need to use manual scraping tools.

Whichever method you and your dentist choose, it is very important that you get regular cleanings. Twice a year is the standard professional recommendation, so be sure to call your local dentist for all your dental care. Dentistry is one area where regular routine cleanings will usually prevent the need for much more unpleasant procedures.

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