Is Home Teeth Whitening the Best Bleaching Choice for You?

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October 06 2010

Afraid To Smile? Whiten Your Yellow Teeth At The Dentist

Many of us find ourself in the situation when we are pretty much forced to cover our mouth with hands so we hide what lies underneath. This may get very unpleasant after time and fortunately many treatments for this kind of problem exists. All the available treatments could be considered as teeth whitening, although if you decide to undergo dental cleanings or getting veneers there isn’t realy any bleaching of the tooth at all. So for the sake of this article I am going to explain home teeth whitening. For treatment to be called “at-home” you need to acquire bleaching kits either from your dentist or shop, and of course, be at comfort of your own home when putting on solution. Mostly used procedures: brush-on whitening, teeth whitening strips, and whitening trays with bleaching gels.

Brush-on whitening was named after some sort of pencil with bleaching agent which is applied to or “brushed on” your teeth. It is a great concept in principal. You brush on the formula and leave it on overnight so it can dry. It should be simple and effective, but unfortunately, it is just simple and full of flaws. Most common flaws: if you get your teeth wet, some parts of formula becomes easy to rub off and may leave weird looking teeth. Next distinctive flaw are ingredients. Alcohol, the most used ingredient in whiteners is bad for your gums as well for your breath. Home teeth whitening bleaching pens may also cause a lot of sensitivity.

Whitening strips are as well easy to use and are luring in people who look for shortcuts. No preparations are necessary and are easy to apply. Strips are having a hard time to reach those recesses and grooves between teeth, and as teeth get whiter and whiter, you may end up looking like you have gaps between your teeth.

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The best option are whitening trays with bleaching gels. You apply them to your teeth filled with bleaching agent then leave it on for about half an our up to full hour depending on the product’s instructions. This process is than repeated in following days for another few more times also dependant on the product you buy. Of all home teeth whitening methods this one provides the best combination of most efficient and most affordable whitening available. Teeth whitening cost for such an undergoing are betwen $50 and $100.