Is Home Teeth Whitening the Best Bleaching Choice for You?

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February 26 2011

A Teeth Whitening Procedure Better Than the Dentist?

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As not long ago as 10 years ago teeth whitening procedures were only carried out at the dentist, but today it is a completely different story. You no longer have to visit the dentist to obtain the Hollywood smile you crave. Sure, there are many dentists who specialize in beauty and teeth whitening procedures but of course the major disadvantage here is the cost involved. Today the average cost of a teeth will start at around $650. Fortunately, there has been a minor revolution in the teeth whitening product range which are now available from specialty pharmacies, supermarkets, and more recently on the Internet.

One of the most significant pluses in the development of teeth whitening home applications, apart from the cost savings, is that the effectiveness equals that of the professional dentist’s service. In fact, there is emerging evidence that in-home treatments may even be better. Typically, the dentist method will involve the application of a gum protecting agent prior to the painting of a whitening gel onto the teeth. The gel will be left for up to one hour before removal and clean up. It is often suggested, depending upon the amount of discoloration, that extra one or two hour applications will be required. At a cost of close to $650 per session it is no surprise that many people choose to avoid this and use in-home products for the same result.

The products which are available at stores all over the Internet are typically a less concentrated form of the same product used by the dentist. This allows for the application to be used on the teeth for prolonged periods of time. It is common for a gel to be applied late in the evening so that it can remain on the teeth overnight. This slow extended time frame is now seen as one of the greatest advantages over the dentist treatment. It now appears that this process is more beneficial than the quick concentrated method used in the dentist procedure. The at-home products have an added advantage in that they can be applied more regularly, even daily, and because the low concentrations are not unsafe in any way. Even normal brushing of the teeth does not eliminate them completely so that they can remain active for up to 36 hours. This means that the teeth whitening agents can be active over a longer time frame resulting in a more successful teeth whitening process.

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