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January 12 2010

A Quick Guide to Invisalign

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Improvements in orthodontia of late have made many people want to give Invisalign a try. Compared to traditional wire brackets, clear braces fix your the teeth and enable you to keep your great smile. Using clear braces works just as well as metal brackets while not being so obvious to look at. Folks who see you may not even be aware you’re having your teeth fixed. This article explains how Invisalign straightens your teeth and who are the professionals who specialize in this treatment. Go to this site for further information on periodontics sydney nsw.


Open wide? because the first thing a Invisalign specialist will do is try and get accurate bite impressions of your mouth. The bite impressions taken will most likely be used to create virtual images of the teeth alignment changes that need to occur. From the virtual images created, a orthodontist will go ahead and create a sequence of appliances that will slowly, yet accurately align your teeth. Every tool in the series should be worn for about 2 weeks and then the next one is introduced. Just like metal brackets, the series of appliances will slowly properly align your teeth.

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Nearly all orthodontics provide Invisalign to clients. You will also come across several cosmetic dentists qualified to do this procedure. If you want to find a doctor for invisible braces, ask family and friends who have undergone the procedure. Asking people who have been through the procedure will help you find that right dentist. Of course, you can also speak to your family dentist for a referral to a cosmetic dentist.


If you’re wondering how long Invisalign braces take effect, they need just about the same time as metal brackets. However, in addition to the aesthetic appeal of Invisalign, other factors make it a better option for you. The appliances used for this method can be removed, which is in contrast with metal brackets that are attached to your teeth. This also means you’re free to eat whatever you want since nothing will get lodged on anything. The fact that you can also brush your teeth well and clean your gums effectively during the whole corrective procedure is a big plus. When you would like to get more information on periodontists sydney check out this site.


As a patient, it’s best to keep the corrective appliance on for 24 hours a day for optimum results, with the exception of eating and brushing of course. A patient who puts on the appliances as advised will more often than not enjoy a shorter treatment compared to those who don’t. Fact: 20-30 corrective appliances may be applied for the length of the treatment. Overall expenses will generally depend on how many appliances are created and used for the treatment. Most wearers grumble about tightness when moving on to the next appliance in the series. Don?t worry about this because it’s a normal and short-lived occurrence.


Find out if Invisalign suits you by contacting a skilled cosmetic dentist. One such clinic is listed at the bottom of this article. Straightening your teeth does not necessarily mean having metal braces.