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May 08 2011

A Little Mouth Service Can go a Long Way

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Consider exactly how hurtful it was once for quite a few of us to go to any dental office growing up, and perchance, is still till this very day? A frosty sterile area, the perturbing shrieks from the drill…the anguish. Actually, for many, that’s now over. 

Dr. Debra Gray King, a well known Atlanta cosmetic dentist who has been widely featured in the media including Time Magazine, InStyle, Vogue, together with UK’s The Guardian for starters, and additionally a highlighted cosmetic dentist in ABC TV’s winner tv program, Extreme Makeover, is the leader associated with what’s called “spa dentistry.” Hi warm, relaxing and total well-being!

The most important service offered to a patient at a dental spa is a full-time massage therapist, of course, aside from all the other spa-like amenities such as noise-cancelling headphones, zen-chairs, flat-screens on the ceiling, aromatherapy, and paraffin wax. The benefits of therapeutic massage are many aside from just helping the patients relax and reduce anxiety levels, because they bring along many health benefits as well. It rests the nerve fibres, raises blood flow and joint flexibility. The emotional benefits associated with massage normally include a greater sense of well-being, lowered stress and anxiety, and extended body awareness – all so important for general health. Because of this a genuine dental spa should host a full-time massage therapist, who is not simply certified in Swedish and deep tissue massage, but additionally neuromuscular therapy, together with particular expertise in TMJ reflexology and myofascial release. These techniques have been proven to be effective when treating the pain associated with TMD and the related headaches. In addition to shorter complimentary sessions, some practices do offer full sessions, which lasts about an hour and includes elimination of trigger points and tension in cervical and upper shoulder muscles, intraoral massage and stretches to help increase mobility and range of motion.  It’s normally offered to patients at a nominal fee.

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Here’s exactly how massage therapy helps do far better dentistry. The relaxation helps with patients’ stress reduction. Every time a person is fearful, their blood pressure level rises and their body yields a lot more adrenalin. This influences the anesthetic, as it goes through the patient’s system more quickly and is less effective. Studies have proved that massage releases endorphins and decreases patients’ blood pressure. In other words, patients will need much less anesthetics for the same numbing effect.

As a result of using massage therapy during dental treatment, Dr. King has recorded a decrease in resistant behaviors and a more positive response to treatment. Pre-sedations and sedations happen to be cut down tremendously.  Patients who are relaxed as a result of massage seem less resistant and more open to dental treatment. Recovery times for patients that do involve sedation are actually lessened as well.