Is Home Teeth Whitening the Best Bleaching Choice for You?

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January 21 2010

A Guide to Laser Teeth Bleaching

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The market for teeth bleaching has boomed in recent years, and people are looking for newer ways to have a sparkling smile. For dentists and dental patients, use of peroxide bleaching compound for cosmetic teeth bleaching has become quite popular. To decide if this procedure is right for you, you will have to take into consideration many factors including your lifestyle, degree of change you want, current condition of your teeth and your budget.

A normal laser teeth bleaching procedure begins when the dentist places a rubber cup into the mouth in order to protect the gums from the effects of the laser beams. Next, a bleaching agent is applied in a layer on your teeth, after which the laser beam is directed onto your teeth. The laser weakens the stains, thus eliminating them. However, for highly stained or yellowed teeth, complete success may only be achieved after undergoing several laser teeth bleaching procedures.

If you are planning any other cosmetic dentistry treatment, go for the teeth bleaching treatment first. Prosthetic teeth like crowns, bridges, tooth implants and dental veneers do not bleach, so if you do not get your teeth whitened first, the prosthetic teeth will not look natural.

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Laser teeth bleaching is a simple and quick solution to get a great smile, however, you will have to be prepared to pay a lot of money to get the desired results. The process is not cheap, and the cost may go as high as 0-00 depending on the dentist and facilities in the clinic. The price also varies according to the condition of your teeth. Yellow and stained teeth require more sittings, and hence cost more.

Most people feel that laser teeth bleaching is an expensive option, but as the process takes only about an hour to be completed, the cost is worth it. As compared to other teeth bleaching options, a laser procedure is easy and quick and is also suitable for people with sensitive teeth.

We all want to look good, and a dazzling smile adds to the charm. Laser teeth bleaching is one of the best ways to get pearly white teeth without waiting for days and months for the desired results.

Teeth whitening products and procedures have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years. That’s because many people realize that a whiter smile is a relatively easy way to look younger and more attractive. From teeth bleaching gel to whitening strips, find out more about the options at the Teeth Bleaching site.