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October 24 2009

A Guide To Dental Care

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Having a healthy and beautiful smile requires some daily routine that includes maintaining good food habits so that formation of tooth decaying bacteria can be prevented. You also need to have regular dental checkups in order to remove very smalls portions of food particles that get trapped between the teeth and cannot be easily removed by simple brushing and flossing. Having a regular dental care routine helps prevent gum diseases and bad breath.

Few Dental Care Tips

There are certain foods that are helpful in promoting the dental health as they supply all the compounds and minerals required by the body to build healthy teeth.

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In order to have healthy and strong teeth, you need to have regular intake of calcium. Dairy products, rice drinks, sardines, canned salmon, fortified cereals and dark leafy vegetables are good solution of calcium. It is also important to take 1000 mg of vitamin C, regular dosage of vitamin D and fluoride.

Tooth discoloration and staining are one of the most common aesthetic dental problems, and in most of the situations, it is very hard to get rid of them using home-made or natural remedies. Wrong food habits and lifestyles usually lead to these dental problems. Many people choose their brush based on design, color and the claims made by manufacturer, but for a good dental care, it is essential to choose the brush with soft-bristles and small head. The handle should provide comfortable grip. As a part of dental care, the toothbrush must be replaced every three to four months.

There are certain guidelines that must be followed as a part of dental care to ensure healthy teeth and beautiful smile. You must brush your teeth everyday, twice a day to avoid most of the dental problems. Flossing can clean the areas that are harder for the brush to reach. It also removes debris of food and accumulated plaque in between the teeth.

A very important aspect of dental care is eating right. You must maintain a well-balanced diet, and try to reduce the intake of foods that contain starch or sugars as these can cause tooth decay. Mouthwashes such as Chlorohexidine or Listerine have good antiseptic properties, and they are able to kill the bacterial plaque that causes gingivitis, tooth decay and bad breath.

To maintain a good dental care routine, avoid the in between eating habits. Eating between the meals can lead to tooth decay, as it does not let the acidic level come down. It is also important to avoid energy drinks and colas, as they are high in citric and phosphoric acid that can damage teeth. Lemonade and energy drinks are much more harmful than the cold drinks.

For good dental care, you must quit smoking as it stains the teeth, and also damages the gums by reducing blood supply. Chew sugar free gum, as it washes away the plaque acid, preventing the bad breath and fighting the tooth decay.  As a part of good dental care, say no to oral piercing as it can cause the allergic reactions, gum disease, infections and nervous damage.

There are certain factors that make daily dental care more important. Dental treatment is often time consuming, complex, painful and expensive. In case of oral care, prevention is always better than cure, and following a good dental care routine can prevent most of the serious dental problems. It has also been proved that there is a strong correlation between general health and oral health of a person.

Taking care of the oral health of the newborn is also important. In the following years, to ensure a good dental care routine, enroll your child in a dental health care program. Supervise your kids while brushing, and make sure that they brush their teeth twice a day. Learn, and teach your kids the correct brushing technique. Don’t allow kids to swallow the paste, and use the non-fluoridated paste for them.