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January 10 2011

5 Things Your Dentist Does That Could Save Your Life

There are so many myths and scary stories populating the public concerning the dentistry industry which have caused people to avoid seeing dentists.  Many of these stories or spred with misinformation and here say that can be cleared up with a few simple facts . If you are one of these people, here are a few things to keep in mind when you here another scary story.

On the look out

Did you know that one of the safe saving things your dentist does is check you for oral cancer? Everyday, one person in the United States dies from oral cancer . This is a common cause of death mainly because people normally ignore the early symptoms (red spots or bumps in the mouth). The illness is actually curable if diagnosed early enough. This is one of the reasons is it important to attend check-ups regularly.

Hot Teeth Whitening Topic

The rest of this list should show you a few of the traits your dentist picks up during his training.

Time is money

During a dentist’s training period, a two-year undergraduate pre-dental course is required before commencing to a dental school. The dental course itself is time-consuming and rigorous. Your dentist had to go through this before acquiring his qualifications. Consequently, your dentist has had to learn time management and punctuality. This is a trait that you will (and should) find in any practicing dentist. In addition to this, your dentist has many other patients to attend to during a session so every minute you spend with your dentist should not be taken for granted.

Dedicated friends

Have you discovered the myth that dentists have the highest rates of suicide? This is one of the many myths floating around about the dentistry industry which is not true. Most dentist love their job because they like helping people solve their problems. Next time you visit your dentist, value the fact that he is one of the only people who has devoted a majority of his post-high-school years in order to be here to help you.

Practice makes perfect

Dentist have to go through lots of instruction in order to be qualified to treat your dental problems. Experience is what makes your dentist so good at what he does. It takes skill to be able to use the powerful tools against the fragile environment in your mouth. Next time you have a big treatment to do, trust that your dentist has performed the same tasks many times over.


A dentist spends a lot of his time educating patients on ways to maintain a healthy dental lifestyle. During these session, a dentist is also required to keep you informed on all the options you have concerning your state of health, if needed. In result, your dentist is a highly trained communicator. The communication skills a dentist requires to keep clients feeling secure and comfortable. Next time you talk to your dentist, do not be afraid to ask questions about your health or things you are uncertain about.

As you can see, you can trust your dentist to provide you with everything you need to keep your oral health sound. Don’t hesitate to visit one as soon as possible.

So, the next time you are tempted to cancel or post-pone you dental check up, think twice. To find out more about what a well qualified dentist and dental staff can do for you visit