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October 08 2010

5 Things You Should Know About Removing Wisdom Tooth

Most of us will or have suffered from the pain brought forth by the growth of our wisdom teeth. You might think that what is so great about having a wisdom tooth if all that you can associate with it is the pain that it brings? That is why it can benefit you to know the facts on removing wisdom tooth.

For most people, wisdom teeth often start to grow between the ages of 16 to 22 and these are the third and last set of molars that we always get. This is where the pain would usually start and most people will have to visit their Melbourne dentists to help with this problem.

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What is wrong with our wisdom teeth, you may ask? It is usually on the manner with which the wisdom tooth grows. Often it could push on the other teeth causing for serious misalignment. Now your teeth would be out of place and your dentist would have to work on them to get them aligned properly.

And among the worst that could happen is when the wisdom tooth damages the gum causing an opening where bacteria, plaque, and other debris can enter and get trapped. This is usually the cause of the sever wisdom tooth pain that we often experience.

Now the best solution to these would be removing wisdom tooth to allow the healing of the gums and to properly align the rest of the teeth.

1. How the wisdom tooth is extracted depends on its position.

For instance, if your wisdom tooth is just rooted underneath your gum, then it would be much easier for the dentist to remove it. There would be less pain with such a procedure. It becomes a different matter if it is connected to the jaw bone. This would require a more complicated procedure which might involve the removal of some jaw bone just to get the tooth.

2. Will there be any pain?

Since wisdom teeth bring us pain, we often associate even the removal of it as painful. But in reality it can differ. How? Well, dentists would normally numb the nerves in your mouth first before the procedure, usually the gums and the surrounding area. And should your dentist think it is necessary, he might even sedate you just to calm you down before removing wisdom tooth.

3. How fast can you recover after the tooth was removed?

It really depends on how difficult the procedure got along. Often, if the tooth removed was just within the gum line, then recovery would not last more than a week. But if it involves the jaw bones, it can go from two weeks to over a month.

4. Expect to experience some facial swelling.

You might probably experience some facial swelling within the area where your wisdom tooth used to be. One way to minimize the swelling and the pain is to put cold compress on the affected area. Hold it into place for 5 to 10 minutes or until you can no longer stand the cold.

5. Can you completely heal within just a week?

It all depends on how the procedure was done, as stated a bit earlier. But a normal estimate would be from around a couple of weeks to a little bit over a month. You can consult with any wisdom teeth removal Melbourne dentist to help you with your complete recovery.