Is Home Teeth Whitening the Best Bleaching Choice for You?

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May 19 2011

4 Best Ways to Clean Your Teeth

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 So how does your smile read? According to surveys, it seems that in the United States, only half of the adults are happy with the smiles they wear. Maintaining and improving what we have is essential, even if we plan on getting those celebrity veneers down the road . Brushing your teeth the wrong way can cause anything from Halitosis (foul breath), to cavities, to Periodontal disease (when it’s too late to go back), hence its importance!Atlanta cosmetic dentist, Dr. Debra Gray King, Georgia’s sole expert to get showcased in the ABC successful tv program, Extreme Makeover, along with being dentist to numerous superstars, reveals a few of her methods to flashing a “celebrity-smile”.

1) Best Manual Toothbrush–  The best kind is the one that patients actually use regularly and properly. Nevertheless, it seems that for the most part the majority of manual toothbrushes don’t have great differences, yet a favorite among people is Oral B.

2) For Brushing While On The Move — By using Dental Dots you may clean your teeth whenever you want, wherever, without the need to take with you a toothbrush, toothpaste or even need to obtain a sink. Dental Dots are small-scale, dime-sized disks crafted from little nylon bristles and loops soaked with a mint-like, saliva-activated fluoride toothpaste. To use, only put the disposable pad on the tip of one’s finger.  Dental Dots usually are  sufficiently tiny to be transported in just about any pocket.

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3) Best Electric Toothbrush– Dr. King has discovered that the Rotadent is far beyond others on the market for a number of reasons. To begin with, it really imitates the cleaning tools applied in the dental office.  The compact brush whirls in a circle similar to that of the brush most dental practitioners utilize to clean your teeth. The pointy tips gently and efficiently manage to penetrate in-between the teeth. 

If a person with dental work and/or porcelain veneers does not make an educated selection when it comes to all the different products on the market, there is always the risk of damaging the work done. “We place a lot of porcelain enhancements, and were concerned the sonic vibrations that the Sonicare uses to separate plaque and calculus from teeth may also act to separate dental restorations. “Since we constantly work with porcelain modifications, one of our main concerns was the Sonicare vibration. The vibration is meant to detach any plaque and calculus from the teeth, but we were anxious the vigorous movement would also separate the dental restorations. The last time we checked, Sonicare wouldn’t guarantee that its use wouldn’t debond porcelain restorations. So we stopped offering the Sonicare to our patients.

Additionally, the Sonicare and Oral B brushes, as opposed to the Rotadent, have bristle brushes as opposed to fine microfilaments (Rotadent) that do not conform with the surface of the tooth as well and that, coupled with too strong a movement, may damage the gums. A lot of my patients also ‘used’ to swear by their Sonicare, until we showed them their plaque score!  Afterwards, they switched to Rotadent, and were waiting to see the difference in plaque level as opposed to the last time”, notes Dr. King. Apparently, 100% of the time the results are noticeably superiorIt contributes greatly to find a hygienist that actually knows the thing and knows precisely how to coach proper use well. Furthermore, the Rotadent has a free lifetime warranty, as opposed to the 2 yr warranty with Sonicare, which additionally, only covers against the defects of the handle and charger.

4) Best Floss– Dr. King recommends threaded, unwaxed, floss for various reasons. Flossing with ease can be a good indicator that any tooth restoration is in good shape, for the surface should be smooth between the filling and the crown. Multiple threads also trap bacteria and debris better than waxed, ribbon-like floss. Nonetheless, for those with little space between their teeth, the waxed Glide floss is usually more comfortable. Also, there are a myriad of new products (Glide) available that incorporate a handle and the floss that allows for easier access to the most posterior teeth.  In a nutshell, Glide and Oral B Satin Floss have been found to be the most desirable. Finally, for those who want to floss with style and a low profile, a Floss Card is recommended, for it looks like a credit card and fits in most small areas.