Is Home Teeth Whitening the Best Bleaching Choice for You?

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September 21 2010

3 Popular Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures For You

People who are dissatisfied with how their teeth or mouth looks might have had different cosmetic dentistry procedures cross their minds as a solution. Cosmetic dental procedures take a lot of thought before a decision is made; you have to be aware of what options you have. There are several cosmetic dental procedures you can have performed on your jaw/mouth. The following list is definitely not exhaustive and is only meant to help broaden your knowledge as to what you can and can’t do.

1. Whitening

This form of cosmetic dentistry needs no introduction. What the name implies is what it means; if you’re teeth are a bit yellow, you can have have your teeth “bleached” to perfection. In case you were wondering, real bleach is not used. The chemical is toxic. Most likely, a compound that behaves like bleach is used to whiten teeth instead. Supermarkets also stock teeth whitening kits that you can use, but they usually require reapplication. Not everyone can actually have this procedure performed on them because they might be too sensitive to the “bleach” used to whiten their teeth. Their teeth might also be too thin; the whitener will further thin it more.

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2. Gum Lift

This procedure is also relatively popular since there are a lot of people who are have a very “gummy” smile. Most people are OK with an overly gummy smile, but there are those who are somewhat self-conscious about it, so much so that they stop themselves from smiling. Even though it’s called a gum lift, this procedure doesn’t always involve raising the gums. The general procedure however does require the surgeon to cut your gum line, reshape and resculpt it such that the teeth don’t look so “tall”, but straighter and wider instead. Sometimes this procedure involves the jaw bone beneath the gum being cut so that the gum line can be lifted further up.

3. Veneers

For people who react badly to the agents in whiteners, veneers are an alternative. In essence, you can think of a veneer as a layer of porcelain that coats your teeth to make it appear whiter. They aren’t just used to whiten, though. They can also hide unsightly gaps. Since the teeth are in essence getting thicker, they might have to be reshaped slightly to accomodate the veneer to be installed.

Gum lifts, veneers and whiteners are three of the more well-known cosmetic dentistry procedures used to improve the apperance of your smile. It should be noted that these procedures are quite expensive and that you might need to pay a deposit on the procedure before it can be performed.