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December 24 2010

2 Moronic Things To Do Using Your Tooth Brush

Men and women do stupid things; they do stupid things regularly.  Individuals do stupid things with unusual items and tooth brushes are no exception towards the rule.  Though not common, folks still do it. We’ll browse through 2 of the dumbest things you can do utilizing your toothbrush (but almost certainly should not).

Why should you look at this?

1.    Because it’s comical. You could use some laughter at this time perhaps you should get it from perusing this post.

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2.    You could possibly come up with a concept for a predicament you have been wishing to work out via lateral thinking (see Ed De Bono if you have never heard of this style of thinking).  You never know where the next inspiration is going to come from.

3.    You should read this because you know you want to. Because you want to know what some other individuals have and often will undertake in relation to their tooth brushes.  Therefore let us go forward.

A.    You should never create a nest of bees using your tooth brush.  I know very well what you’re thinking, what’s a nest of bees.  In the Mongol times, a nest of bees had been a bunch of arrows stuffed into a basket like device and loaded with a tiny bit of gun powder.  This ended up being lit on fire and the arrows would shoot out everywhere and hit their opponents.  It could well be very dumb to build one of these and use toothbrushes as an alternative.  You would harmed deploying it and developing it!  That is a lot of likelihood of ouch both ways for not adequate compensation.  Just stay away from doing this and absolutely everyone shall be cheerful.

B.    You probably shouldn’t jump on a trampoline with the tooth brush either. You’re attaching chaos theory or entropy into your life and each and every inflatable bounce can be a step closer to having your tooth brush lodged into your nose, mouth, ear, or somewhere else.  Pretty much all is going to be uncomfortable to remove after the fact.  Just do not jump on a trampoline when brushing or just holding a toothbrush.  There is a lot of likelihood of serious pain.