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September 05 2010

The dentist was not expecting to see such a large black hole on the elderly man’s front tooth. The man was taking medicine for his heart which he placed under his upper lip instead of under his tongue. These tablets ate away at his tooth, creating that big hole. Visit this site for further information on sedation dentist sydney.

It was pointed out by oral medicine experts that the every day medicines the common American takes can cause tooth decay and gum disease. Doctors are unaware of these side effects or do not tell their patients about them, they further pointed out.

Try to find out about their medications, says one dentist and pharmacologist at the University of Buffalo to other dentists. Look carefully at them, think carefully about what they can do, he advises dentists.

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These facts are presented by oral medicine specialists who handled classes at this week’s ADA meeting. Calcium channel blockers, which are prescribed for high blood pressure, has gum swelling as a side effect, which affects 20% of the patients who take them. Bacteria get into the gums and causes serious gum disease via open pockets in the gums caused by inflammation. These medicines are widely used around the nation. You will find that further information on dental sedation is on that site.

Anti epilepsy drugs and amphetamines are the source of other swellings as well. Cyclosporin, used by organ transplant recipients to prevent organ rejection, can cause an even more massive gum overgrowth. He states that it looks quite similar to leukemia caused gum inflammation.

Cancer patients experience dry mouth from radiation treatment, and dry mouth is a side effect of more than 400 drugs. Saliva is vital to a healthy mouth, and people who don’t have enough are prone to cavities, excess plaque and fungal infections, and may need topical fluoride treatment. The problems are serious enough that the dentist will ask doctors to switch patients with swollen gums from calcium channel blockers to another heart medicine if possible.

If this cannot be done, then plaque buildup must be constantly controlled and trips should be scheduled every two months. A dentist with a photograph of a patient with damaged teeth and gums said that such side effects would be no worry as long as the mouth is kept clean. If there’s no plaque, there’s no problem, he said.

The Dilantin patient in a photograph he showed had swollen gums, more so that only the tips of the front teeth were visible. He recommends that within 10 days, patients on Dilantin visit the dentist for treatment to minimize the condition. The problem is not just confined to prescription drugs. Aside from medicines, lozenges and cough drops could pose as a problem since they contain sugar.

He cited a woman who repeatedly had new cavities throughout her mouth. According to her, she always brushed her teeth and hardly ate sweets, and so it made dentists wonder. Then his receptionist spotted the woman popping pills, and she acknowledged she sucked on three packs of the antacid a day. Titles ============================= Hundreds of Medication Have Negative Dental Side Effects